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We Like to Stay Active for the Lord!

Youth Activities.jpg
Youth Activities

We have an active younger youth group and regularly gather for fun times, devotionals, and service projects.

Annual VBS

We have a Vacation Bible School during the summer.  It is always a fun time for the kids and a tiring time for the adults!  But it's worth it.

Ladies Activity.jpg
Ladies Activities

Our ladies are very close and very much enjoy doing things together.  They meet for "Ladies Night Out" and have other special times they gather, as well.  We also host a Ladies Day, a time for area women to fellowship.

Fellowship Times

We have a monthly singing and fellowship time together the first Sunday of the month (at evening services and following).  It is always a wonderful feast for the soul and the belly.

Friends and Family Day.jpg
Annual Friends and Family Day

We have a special Sunday or two per year where we invite friends, neighbors, family, coworkers, etc. to worship services.  It is always a wonderful time together.

Clothing Giveaway.jpg
Annual Clothing Giveaway

For one day in the Autumn, we gather and give away winter clothing, toys, etc. to anyone who needs them (free of charge). 

Other Times.jpg
Special Times

We often gather for special fellowships, work projects, spreading the gospel, fun, etc.  They are always special times, indeed.

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