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Bible Correspondence

We recommend the following courses for you to understand the Bible better.  We can mail them to you in the regular mail or attach them as .pdf files to an email.  You can then read and complete them at your own leisure and can even send in the answers for a grade.  Just go to our Contact Us page and let us know which you would like to receive.

Hurt Bible Study.jpg

Bible Correspondence Course by John Hurt.  This is an eight lesson course that gives a brief overview of the Bible and includes the plan of salvation.

Studies in the Bible.jpg

Studies in the Bible.  This is an thirty lesson course that gives a more detailed overview of the Bible and includes various Bible topics.

The Bible the Church and You.jpg

The Bible, the Church, and You.  This is a self-study book using Scripture to show the inspiration of the Bible, the value of the church, and your spiritual situation.

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